The Perfect Pink Pout for Those Who Wear Black Out

First, a disclaimer. I like Kat Von D. I like her face. I LOVE her makeup. Don’t judge me.
IMG_0129.JPGbook signing in Seattle, 2010. Or, the best day of my life.

Black. It’s the best color in the color wheel. It’s classic and it compliments everyone. Pink? Well, that’s another story. As a girl who would take a pair of black vinyl leggings over a floral skirt any day, I too had a hard time finding the perfect pink lippie that kept my look girly but still full of edge at the same time. But don’t fret, fellow vamps!

This is where my disclaimer comes in. Trust me, I’m pretty big on having an open mind when it comes to playing favorites. But there really is nothing I can hate on when it comes to Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss lipstick line. I need them. ALL of them. 24 hour wear and matte. They are little dreams in studded tubes.

Leave it to Kat. I have FINALLY found a pink I cannot LIVE without! “Sexer” is my current obsession when I’m looking for a pop of color to accentuate an all black ensemble. A little bit of hot pink, a splash of berry, and a little bit of coral undertone that is finished off with a matte AND iridescent sheen?! Don’t mind if I do! This baby is packed with girly punch all rolled into a cool, black, studded tube.

The picture just does not do it justice. I’m in love. I’m so in love that I might need more “Sexer” and less bold reds. And if you LOVE reds, you know that’s a bold statement.

Pink, you might not be that bad. You’re no Black. But we can make it work.




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