MAC-me Over: An Overdue Haul

Happy Sunday! And it sure is when I can blog about a long overdue MAC haul yesterday! When I first started loving makeup, I must admit that I rebelled against MAC. But as I get older, I get the hype. The products are long-wearing, pigmented, and a great price (I think) for what you get. MAC, I cannot live without you now.

I went to Seattle’s flagship store yesterday to pick up the first product to make the beauty wish list page – STONE! And let me tell you, this pencil is everything I have heard about and more. It really makes your nude lip pop (pictures to come on conceitedkissbeauty’s Instagram account. It’s a little less neutral, though, in the scheme of liners used for the nude lip beat. But I’m a firm believer that a nude lip should not be thought of as only a natural look. In fact, it can be just as flashy as a bright red pout!

Along with “Stone”, I picked up the ever-elusive “Fleshpot” lipstick, as well as the Pro Longwear line of gloss in “Patience, Please”.


While the shades seem a lot more pink than they actually are, what I found with this combo when I wore it last night is that the pastel hue of a pinkier nude stands out a lot more. The nude looks intentional and not like a faded lip stain.

Along with this, I finally picked up the blush everyone raves about, “Warm Soul”. And I now know what all the hype is about.This shade is fitting for everyone, especially those who like their contour to be the star. It adds just a soft flush to the cheeks, with an even softer shimmer. This little lady will definitely become a staple in my kit.


The fall season may be here, but a nude lip is always en trend. And we have MAC to thank for that.


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