Rock N’ Roll for Fall – A Kat Von D Haul

By far one of the brands I find myself gravitating towards ALL THE TIME is Kat Von D. What is it about her products? Sassy packaging – check. Variety of shades – check. Quality in the feel and in the pigment – check and check. If you haven’t tried out her products, cross the line to the dark side. And mark my words, deep blues will be the shade for the fall season.

In my latest haul, I was able to snag two more Studded Kiss lippies in the shades Coven and Poe. Be warned! These shades sell out LIGHTNING FAST! Poe is especially hard to find, and I definitely had to get myself on a waitlist with Sephora’s site. And it is understandable. This shade is not just blue, it’s SAPPHIRE with flecks of glitter that can only be seen when hit by light. Even these photos can’t capture the edgy beauty of this lipstick. (Disclaimer: I will have a better camera soon, so bear with me and trust! I would not take the time to write this post if these shades were not amazing.)


On the opposite end of Kat’s brazen makeup rainbow is Coven. More than just a matte lilac, Coven is a blue-based pastel shade that works perfectly as a stepping stone into adventurous colors. If you are not comfortable yet with over the top pigments on the lips, this quiet but flirty purple is just for you. Plus, Coven is the kind of shade that looks great with a dramatic eye, or something more on the nude side.


The best part about this new line of lipsticks? When Kat makes the claim “24 hour wear” she means it! Only because I am a perfectionist did I have to reapply. The formulas really do last through anything! I will be getting more and more of these as the cash comes in from the 9 to 5!

Quick swatches (in less than desirable lighting, of Poe and Coven)



And as if lipsticks in those shades are not enough to make a makeup lover drool, Kat Von D has recently released her Lightning Liner in some sickening shades! But what’s more? She has not sacrificed the formula of her liquid liner in these awesome babies (a formula I happen to swear by as my go-to for everyday wear!) I picked up the shades Hex (a deep plum with some shimmer) and Poe (of course, a deep sapphire blue) to match my new lippie!


You may be wondering where the photos are of the liners. Fair enough. I’m a bit of a creature of habit and still have yet to break out of my black cat-eye routine. But I will be sure to tag the liners in upcoming looks!

Moral of this haul story? Give this color vamp a try! No one does rock n’ roll beauty like this tattoo vixen!


5 responses to “Rock N’ Roll for Fall – A Kat Von D Haul

    • Totally! I saw that collection this weekend, next to….wait for it…a new palette of 25 shades called “Star Studded”. Hoping to get it this weekend and do a review:P


    • Depends on the pigment. I have a few and the darker the shade, the more drying. But the primer I use really helps with that – It’s the lip primer by Bite. All in all though I love the staying power of these, especially Poe. You would think a deep sapphire would get blotchy through the day and it does not!


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