A Rich Winter – Taking Care of Your Skin with Almond Oil

Let me start by saying I don’t typically worry about my skin. And when I say that I typically don’t worry about it, that really means I don’t think of it. EVER. But the truth that most lovers of makeup often fail to acknowledge is how important skin care is to the entire idea of beautification. After all, skin is the canvas for the type of painting that we do!

Truly, I’ve never really had a tough time with my skin, and I’m VERY thankful for that! But one thing that I have struggled with, especially after moving to Seattle from California (you know, from a place with only one season to a place that has all of them in one day!) is how the winter air affects the moisture level of my skin. It’s no myth that your skin needs a little extra attention in the colder months, and I’m totally not exempt from this rule! I get dry. I get itchy. I get SNAKEY. It’s not pretty. I’ve tried most over the counter products and had the most success with Eucerin and Lubriderm. Scented lotions and body butters? Forget about it! Shea butter works for a moment, but quickly ends up drying me out as my skin gets familiar with the product.

Then recently, my skin caught a break. While I was seeing my esthetician for a sugaring treatment (for details on the place, check out the High Maintenance section of my blog) she noticed that a new tattoo I had was extremely dry. I told her dryness was just a thing I had come to expect in my life. And then she gave me this little gem – Almond oil. Almond oil for the tattoo. Almond oil for your face. Almond oil for your arms and legs. Almond oil for your under eyes. And definitely almond oil for your newly sugared or waxed areas! I was shocked! All this time I’ve been spending countless amounts of money on products I was just taking a chance on when I could have been spending under 5 to 10 dollars on a product that would last me for at least a month?! And she was right.

NOW Solutions Sweet Almond Oil 100% Pure Moisturizing Oil

Nature’s Alchemy 100% Pure Sweet Almond Oil


So where can you grab this product? The local drugstore as well as any Whole Foods type of grocery store should keep almond oil in stock. I personally got my bottle of NOW Almond Oil at Amazon.

Can you really cure dry skin with almond oil? Yes, and more than that, I have noticed a substantial difference in my under eye circles, the softness of my skin, as well as (and this is a big one) the puffiness of my face after a long night out! We all have had those nights! The benefits you get from almond oil would cost TONS if you had to put all those benefits into a moisturizer (anti-inflammatory, wrinkle reducer, sun protector, dark circle remover, all wrapped up with an emollient-rich bow!) But this magical stuff is all natural AND cheap! Take the plunge into almond oil. You’ll be soft and satisfied.


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