In the Nude – Finding My Perfectly Undressed Lip!

Nude. What once appeared to be a fad has now become the hottest trend in makeup. What is absolutely fantastic about that perfect nude lip is the shade can serve two purposes – you can either sex up a look with high gloss and definition or you can tone down a look that is already vamped up with a highly contoured face or smoked out eye. It really is the perfect compliment to any face of the day you are trying to achieve!

As a lover of red lips till I die, getting on board the nude lip train was hard. When you have full lips and you are used to seeing them pop easily with a bright shade like red, finding enough product to build up your nude can be a never-ending task. And it has taken me a few product tries. But that is what is so fun about nude! It’s really about the combo you want to create and different products offer different incentives. You can go with or without a liner, with or without a gloss, there really is no wrong way to do it. AND even better, I have found that nude shades that are more pastel and pink-based have really helped someone like me branch out into pinks in general. A few years ago, I could have never pictured myself reaching for pop star shades like pink, but Miss Nude changed all that for me.

The reason for this post? Well, I have finally done it! I’ve found my go-to Nude combo. Now, it took some playing around with nudes and a heap of products to do it, but I’m grateful. In doing so, I found different combos I can work with for different looks, but the one below is officially my staple.

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Get Lippy:

  • Step 1: Coat your lips with a lip primer. I personally use the lip primer from Bite Cosmetics. Anything that will take care of rough edges should work though. What I love about the lip primer from Bite is that it locks in color on the lips, on the liner, and keeps the lip look from bleeding around the edges. I’ve had my share of lip products bleed, so this is a must for me. What’s more is that this product also takes to liners so well, that the lipstick itself locks like a liner once applied on top of the primer! So no need for tons of lip pencils!
  • Step 2: Lipstick first. At least that’s what I do. I do this mainly so that I have the option of over-lining my lips later if I choose to. But this also lets you get the blueprint down of how you want the lip to look. Shape can be tough at first when it comes with a shade that is so close to your skin tone. Pictured here: Fleshpot by Mac Cosmetics. I like a nude that has more of a peachy base. This one has a soft peach undertone that compliments the overall beige hue. Plus, it’s just a classic Mac lippie that everyone must own!
  • Step 3: Line up! It is a must to line your lips when using nude. Contrary to what the name of this look implies the appeal of a nude lip is not how natural it looks, but rather, how it gives the face that sexy pouty look. That can only be completely attained with a good lip liner. I don’t know where I would be now without the Stone lip liner also by Mac, but my makeup game has certainly changed since owning this item. Do not be fooled by the dark color. While it can come off as a bit intense when first paired against a nude shade, a couple smacks of your lips after application and this baby blends seamlessly! I’ve heard so many good things about this liner, which is why it tops the Beauty Wishes list.
  • Last Step!: Gloss Girl! The secret tip I have found to work for myself is that I tend to stay away from matching my gloss to the lipstick shade exactly. This adds extra dimension to the look, which gives it that full effect. If I’m going with a nude that is more on the beige side, then I will reach for a pinker nude gloss like Patience Please from the Pro Longwear Lipglass line by Mac.
  • IMG_0157.JPG

    Even though it is turning fast into winter, I’m gonna keep the nude lippies around for awhile. And I’m sure I won’t be the only makeup addict to do so. Move over Red, cause Mama’s certain she has a brand new bag!



    2 responses to “In the Nude – Finding My Perfectly Undressed Lip!

    1. great post!! nude lips can be intimidating at first, but once you’ve tried it you never go back ❀


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