What’s All The Glow About? Getting Into GlamGlow Hollywood Products

Let’s just get this out of the way. I’m a skin care newb. As I’ve said in past posts, I’ve never really seen what all the fuss is about when it comes to high end products for face, neck, under eye circles, etc. But, being the inquisitive beauty blogger that I am, I’ve been diving into the vast ocean that is filled with creams, masks, toners, you name it. And there is a lot to play with out there. To any makeup lover who hasn’t started on the skin care quest yet, jump into it! The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Being a lover of bath bombs and cold nights with some good music and good bubbles, my first indulgent skin care experience came from Lush Cosmetics. Seeing as how I was already filling up my basket with a good bath bomb haul, I decided to take a chance on an organic mask there. Beauty babes, the Love Lettuce cold organic mask is amazing. If you’re looking for something simple and quick to get you into skin care, try it. The smell is blissful and the cold feel is angelic.

Well, the more I got into my weekly mask, the more I wanted to see what else I was missing in this world. I had been hearing a lot about the company GlamGlow of Hollywood, California and I must admit that their products had caught my eye a few times during my many Sephora trips. The packaging is chic and trendy, riddled with bright colors and metallic stars. Plus, let’s be honest here, there’s not much I don’t like to try with “glam” in the title of the thing. The marketing team sure does know what they are doing with this product. But, were the products as great as the packaging (and worth a slightly more expensive cost than I was accustomed to paying for skin care)? The verdict? PLEASANTLY surprised.

Here’s the thing. I am a total amateur at this whole skin care world. But, GlamGlow definitely caters to that kind of customer. Their products offer you ease and results that the name certainly boasts of. Though I never have had more than a blemish or two here and there and every other month if that, I have seen a dramatic change in the vivaciousness of my skin. I feel tighter, my cheeks are brighter, and medium-toned dark spots have faded almost completely. I’ve been using GlamGlow products for about a month and, dare I say it, I am actually glowing.

I started with a great little set that was available at Sephora before the holidays. The set included a 1.7 oz size of THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Treatment as well as two other popular treatments in the 0.5 oz size. Both YOUTHMUD Tinglexfoliate Treatment and SUPERMUD Clearing Treatmentare intended to be used only 2-3 times a week, while THIRSTYMUD can be used daily or nightly. Personally, I like to use THIRSTYMUD at night since my skin can dry out in the nighttime cold air.


After committing to these three products from the line, I had to have more. Was it really possibly that a daily cleanser could make me glow this much as well? Why yes, yes it was. GlamGlow has you covered with SUPERCLEANSE Daily Treatment Cleanser. This product does take some getting familiar with, as it does have a bit of a learning curve. The daily treatment cleanser is also of mud consistency, but once mixed with water, provides the greatest foaming experience of your life.

Would I recommend GlamGlow to others? Absolutely, especially those who are a tad afraid of the skin care scene. For the most part, the products have a great feel and scent, with the exception of the YOUTHMUD. While this is the mask I think I will definitely stick to over the SUPERMUD, this mask treatment does smell a bit like black licorice and has actual clumps of something I trust is good for my skin in it! What I do prefer about it is the hardening factor. You can tell when this mask is ready to be removed because your face will literally become plaster. If you’re going to put a mask on, why not do it big?! SUPERMUD smells much more pleasant, with hints of minty vanilla percolating in your nose as the mask does its job. But I found the glow factor to be more present with YOUTHMUD. Plus, YOUTHMUD is a great product to help with the puffy face that can result after a long night out.

There is no question that I will be sticking with THIRSTYMUD and SUPERCLEANSE for awhile. I haven’t had skin this soft since before puberty, and the canvas I’m starting with to paint my face appears primed already…REALLY! And the sweet smell of candy and coconut of the THIRSTYMUD is an added bonus.


By no means is this post intended to make you believe that I’m an expert at skin care. Quite the opposite. GlamGlow is simply a product that has changed my mind about the level of importance people put on higher end products. I can honestly say, move over Noxema and Oil of Olay. Mama has a brand new sexy bag.


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