Kiss Off! – Beating that Winter Lip Chap

It never fails. Every year the winter rolls around and I’m left unprepared. Lips that were supple and soft during the summer are now crying for attention – cracked, dry, and certainly unattractive under the matte lip products we have all come to love. What’s worse is that because long-wearing matte lip products tend to be drying on their own, the vicious cycle seems unending.

Until now. And we all have GLAMGLOW Hollywood to thank.

If you haven’t heard of GLAMGLOW, or been wary of trying their various masks and face washes, don’t be. Truly, pick up one of their products now. There is a reason this stuff is all the rage. Sure, most products that are packaged this attractively often don’t live up to the luxury one would expect. But GLAMGLOW very much deserves to use both the words “glam” and “glow” in their branding. Even when it comes to lip products.

Insert fireworks, shooting stars, and glitter confetti here. My lip regimen is now forever changed because of POUTMUD LIP TREATMENT and I couldn’t be more impressed with the results! This miracle treatment is worth every last penny.


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Yes, the packaging is stunning. But how does this work, you ask? The product comes with 2 items – a scrub that is referred to as FIZZYMUD and a balm referred to as WETMUD. While these two things might not seem so special, the magic is in the formula. I’ve used many scrubs in my lifetime and none are as soft or as yummy as FIZZYMUD. Yes, I said YUMMY. Think cotton candy, meets cake batter, meets pink frosting. And while you may want to indulge in a big old glob of it, a little goes a very long way.

IMG_2003   IMG_2004

And the WETMUD is just as divine but without a sugary taste. I figure this to be intentional since the worst thing you can do in the winter is lick your lips constantly. The formula feels like I have always wanted my balm products to feel – smooth, conditioning, and super light weight. Yet even though you can hardly feel the WETMUD on your lips, something about it lets you know your pout is getting some TLC. Your lips feel soft and, dare I go the extra mile and say PILLOWY (and if that’s not a word, GLAMGLOW should make it one!)

The fact is, both products are gentle enough for use each day and effective enough to notice a difference after only 2 uses. In my case, I used the FIZZYMUD only once and the WETMUD one morning and one night in the same day and my lips have never felt more refreshed! I even use the WETMUD for a subtle glossy sheen when I’m going for my No Makeup makeup look. I never thought lips could actually glow, but leave it to GLAMGLOW to teach me that everything can shine!

What are some exceptional lip products you have been using this winter to keep revitalized?

Kisses, Dolls!


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