Look At My COCONUTS: Kopari is a KEEPER!

Recently in my YouTube watching and Instagram browsing, I have been hearing the same name tossed around as a solution to a number of different skin issues. Under eye replenisher, dry skin rescuer, cuticle corrector, foot smoother…you name it. There was one product being said to do it all.

Ladies and gentleman, meet Coconut Melt from Kopari Beauty.


Let me make it VERY clear – I have always HATED the smell and taste of coconut. Call it PTSD from too many Parrot Bay shots in college and Malibu cocktails at Jimmy Buffett concerts with the parents. But this stuff; this stuff is the real deal. It is not anywhere close to artificial in scent and that’s because the Coconut Melt and everything else Kopari sells is made of 100% pure coconut oil. You can feel it in the texture, you can smell it in the scent, heck if you really wanted you could chow down on this in the middle of the night! Nothing feels like more of a WIN than a product that can successfully cure all and be totally natural at the same time.

Kopari doesn’t skimp on the amount of product you get either. For a little over thirty bucks, you have a big ol’ tub of real coconut that instantly melts in your hand (and a super sweet little serving spoon for perfect portioning!). This makes it mighty easy to rub just about anywhere. My personal favorite is my under eyes and I have noticed a major decrease in wrinkles that once popped up mid-day under my makeup. Not anymore, my coconuts got me covered!

Other uses I’ve been enjoying just as much:

  • All over body moisturizer before bed
  • Cuticles, and even calluses that have developed from years of running
  • In place of almond oil for aftercare of sensitive waxing or sugaring appointments (yes, I’m talking about bikini and Brazilian maintenance)
  • Weekend hair masking – even if you have oily hair, this product zaps that away and leaves your strands soft and healthy and your scalp moisturized!

Not only did I grab the Coconut Melt, but I decided to take a risk and cash out with the Coconut Body Glow as well. What I especially love about this product is that your skin is just given a radiance from within, and not a faux bling like you have bathed in glitter (c’mon, we all know we have been there!). This item will definitely be something I have to keep out of the paws of friends who will be jealous of my gleam during the coming summer months! And don’t let the color of the fluid fool you – this does not give off an orange bronze. Really, you just end up naturally sexy.

In a nutshell (as Kopari says) would I recommend these products and the brand to all? If you like smelling fresh, feeling beachy, and not having to worry about common skin and hair annoyances again…then stop looking at my coconuts and grab some of your own.

Can’t wait to hear how you coconut!




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