The Short Version

The better you look, the more you see

– Bret Easton Ellis

Conceited Kiss Beauty is the glam baby created by Christine Aldridge, a Product Marketing Coordinator for casual games in Seattle, WA. Despite her rather vanilla professional title, Christine has had a love of a drastically beat face since first mingling with the drag queens of Riverside, California.

A California native, Christine fell in love with all things makeup while working with her friend at PacSun who was then a drag queen by night. While she completed both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Creative Writing, it was high intensity pigments that really called her name. After leaving California to brighten the dreary Seattle skies with a bold lip, she created Conceited Kiss Beauty to proliferate the belief that every girl can get glam; business woman, bookworm, fashionista, gamer, geek…you…

Whether sitting behind a desk to pay the bills, taking a packed bus to work, having happy hour cocktails at a dive bar, or walking into the nearest Sephora for a makeup haul, the motto behind Conceited Kiss Beauty is that anytime is a good time to get vain.

Contact Info:

Email: contact@conceitedkissbeauty.com

Twitter: Follow @daretobevain

Instagram: Follow @conceitedkissbeauty

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