High Maintenance

It’s okay to need some prep. And it’s okay to need none at all and just want it! I’m always on the lookout for a new beauty treatment to get addicted to. If you are ever in the Seattle area, here are some of a Cali girl’s favorite beauty places.

  • The PlaceThe Beauty Lab
    Who You Need to See: Dominique Shadduck
    Why You Need This: Sugaring treatments can last up to SIX WEEKS. And, not only will you walk out of The Beauty Lab feeling sexy and smooth, but Dominique is good for a laugh and excellent conversation.

Sugar Me Up!: Sugaring vs. Waxing

It’s a sad fact of life. BODY HAIR. Some of us are lucky enough to be as smooth as a newborn baby. But for most of us, there are places on our body we wish would remain hairless. And it should be no surprise that ripping out hair from the root doesn’t come without a painful price.

Well, Pain. Meet Sugar. You have met your match, Pain.

Sugaring is growing in popularity and for good reason. It’s natural, it’s easier on the skin, and it removes hair from the source instead of just the top layer. While you can get sugared for just about anything, the main addiction I have is getting sugared for Brazilian maintenance. Now there is an easy solution to maintaining one of the most sensitive spots for hair removal.

  • The PlaceVain – Downtown Seattle
    Who You Need to See: Rebekah
    Why You Need This: Do we ever need to justify a good day at the hair salon? I think not.

Part Hair Salon. Part Accessories Counter. Part Art Gallery.

One of Seattle’s prettiest little gems, in my opinion, is Vain. And the minute you walk into this beatnik beauty of a salon, you will understand why. There is no hairstyle the stylists of Vain cannot achieve, and their creative mind is beyond comprehension. It’s paint splatter. It’s a glitter bomb. It’s a free-spirited art class and hair therapy all rolled into one.

And then there is Rebekah. She is a master of big hair, bold color, and Vampira-chicness. If I’m going to be confined to a chair for hours while color develops, you bet your glam bottom I’m going to sit there with a chick who can gab about drag makeup, falsies, The Wire, and bad reality TV all rolled into one.

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Bene-Babes are the best gals. They just are.

It’s no secret that everyone who lives for makeup lives for that flirty little *wink* that Benefit Cosmetics has brought to the beauty world. And with the surge in brow maintenance popularity, it’s no wonder that Benefit Cosmetics offers cute little counters that are devoted to making your face a polished little flower. This all begins with the brow. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. It just does.


Andrea at the Downtown Seattle counter is just a star. For the same price it costs at most places to get just a wax, Andrea and the rest of the Bene-Babes will wax you and polish your new brows to makeup perfection! And once you get that hot pink hand mirror to stare at yourself in, you will need every single solitary product Andrea used on you. She is THAT good. You need her. Your brows need her.

2 responses to “High Maintenance

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  2. I would take sugar over hard wax any day, but sadly I haven’t found a place here in MN that has sugar so I have to wait for my monthly visit to Chicago to be able to get a good wax done. I liked this post, it was funny and enlightening 🙂


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