The Daily Peep

“There is an innocence in admiration: it occurs in one who has not yet realized that they might one day be admired.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

Welcome to The Daily Peep, a page dedicated to those MUAs who we all peep on social media and take our inspiration from. We are a community, and it’s so awesome that we can all take tips from each other, pros and self-taught alike!

June 19, 2015
Happy Friday, lovelies! Thought I would start the weekend out right by showing some love to fellow makeup artists I’m getting inspiration from. With the weekend comes more time to really practice up and emmulate those looks that have you going bananas on social media.

So who do I find myself studying EXTRA carefully lately? Well, it’s a surprise to me that I haven’t given Hortencia Garcia (a.k.a tenchainzz on Instagram) mad shout outs yet on this page! During a season when so many artists out there are all about just a glow and a bronzer, she is keeping it true with vibrant pops of color in the most creative ways.

Click here to follow tenchainzz on Instagram

Not only do I want to try out all of these looks in particular, but she does the colored winged liner total justice by making it the star of the show. Not to mention she executes a bold yellow lid quite unlike your average chica. The makeup community does not use enough yellow, and I’m so glad to see Ms. Garcia drenching herself in the bossy pigment.

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate a full color palette! Have a great weekend, beauties!


March 12, 2015
First, the asterisk portion of this entry. I’ve neglected this page for sure. Like most bloggers, I started out with big intentions, and have just come back to a place where I can maintain those big goals. I’ve still been peeping around at some lovely makeup inspirations (we all peep, don’t deny it!) so let’s jump right into this and hopefully I can stay on top of the shout outs. In a makeup community, support from others who dream in color is vital!

One doll face I have been digging the looks of a lot lately is _scilla1412 because her winged liner is jaw-dropping! I’ve been on the quest for a perfect eye look for some springtime weddings coming up, and her account has me dazzled! While I always like to claim that I’m not a girl who reaches for the pinks when getting my paint on, I find myself being drawn more and more to them, especially this look of _scilla1412’s!

Click Here to follow _scilla1412 on Instagram

What I love in particular, and with the whole LimeCrime shadiness going on, is that she is SERVING the hell outta that “Ghoulish” lip color by LASplash Cosmetics! For those of us obsessed with “Cashmere” by LimeCrime and needing a dupe, this shade fits that bill perfectly! From the highlight talent to the playful ways she has used pastel purples and pinks, this look is working on so many levels. Take several peeks through her Instagram account and you will see that just about every look delivers!

Hope you find Priscilla’s photos just as inspiring, and it’s good to be back, kittens!


December 29, 2014
Long time no peep Conceited Kittens! It has been a LONG minute since I’ve given praise to a glam kitty, but with the holidays FINALLY winding down, I’m so glad I have the time to do so! After all, there are so many fantastic femme fatales out there that I’ve been dying to give much deserved shout outs to SEVERAL.

That said, I LOVE a great zombie glam princess. So rather than hashtag a #MCM I think we should start an #MUACM and my obsession goes to ALYSSAMARIEARTISTRY and her vampy perfection. Seriously, the girl is BEYOND deadly in her talents. She totally represents the most well-rounded of makeup artists, both captivating in nudes and natural looks and striking in avant garde face beats. She makes this brunette want to go straight lime green! It’s hard to select just one photo that does her talents justice, but here is one of my all-time faves that I’ve been peeping.

Click Here to follow ALYSSAMARIEARTISTRY on Instagram

What I dig most about this seriously cool chica are her plays with the waterline. The waterline is something I often forget to experiment with, and this pretty lady has me even using vibrant lip liners in there now! The intensity that you can get from simply moving away from a black line is amazing, so I must give her a shout out and praise for that inspiration. Aside from this, one look at her Instagram proves that she is a master of unique color combinations, as well as ways to spice up a natural face. Her use of gray lippies and neons is phenomenal…and I could go on and on…

Check her out, kittens!

October 10, 2014
It’s Friday glam dolls! I know we all have our women for #WCW but I really want to make #FemCrushFriday a thing as well! So to that end, I must give a big shout out to a makeup artist I have been living for lately. Her looks are so classic, so unique, so fresh and flawless that you must check her out if you have not already. And the makeup vixen I’m referring to is none other than frenchtouchofmakeup and her sensational bedroom eye looks and pouty perfection smiles.
Click Here to follow frenchtouchofmakeup on Instagram

I have been following this artist on Instagram for some time now, and she is blowing up the scene! Her nude lip has totally inspired me and I’m jealous of the way lashes just seem to look impeccable on her no matter what the style. Plus, I’ve seen some photos that catch a cute leopard print plug earring that adds to a style I adore!

What is NOT to love about this look? The winged liner belongs in it’s own category of fabulousness for sure, and I DIE over how thick and vampy those brows are. Plus, I just love how frenchtouchofmakeup has mastered the art of painting a masterpiece without it looking like too much is going on. She edits in all the right spots! Two things I’m loving here that I don’t call out enough are the cut crease and the lid shadow. This cut crease feels different than others I have seen because it still has a good amount of blend to it, without taking away from the sharpness of the art itself. And seriously, that lid shadow is needed by all. Nothing I have seen is as ethereal as that shade!

Anastasia of Beverly Hills has been coming out with some excellent palettes that pay respect to fantastic makeup artists. I think we should all start a campaign to have frenchtouchofmakeup be the next artist in line for this tribute. Don’t you all agree?!

Have a fierce weekend lovelies!
-cdubdoll xoxxxxxooooo

October 1, 2014
Happy first day of October doll faces! Having just ordered some great new metallic lippies from NYX, I was on the hunt this morning and last night for eye looks that I will be able to pair with them when they arrive. And with fall officially here, I’m also on the lookout for jewel-toned looks that are a bit different than the expected berry shades.

Lo and behold, I came across a look from emjayys_makeup that has me swooning hard for some emerald embraces! There is literally EVERYTHING going right with this look. From the pop of pearl-based iridescent dreaminess in the inner corner, to the creative use of black and white in the double winged liner, right on over to the smoke out of a great transitional chocolate shade, and ending with the big bang of forest green mixed with deep periwinkle lid perfection! I am OBSESSED!

Click Here to follow emjayys_makeup on Instagram

Definitely inspired for the autumn nights out! Thanks for this great look emjayys_makeup! You now have me on the quest for that emerald excellence that is the stuff eye look dreams are made of!

-kisses, cdubdoll

September 29, 2014
So it goes. Another Monday. And with the fall weather, it gets increasingly hard to stay motivated and willing to be experimental with makeup looks. I found myself waking up today and wanting to do something simple and neutral, but with just a pop of color that still would make the look eye-catching. It’s just that finding the placement for those little pops gets tedious sometimes, does it not?!

Then I ran across this beauty! Just check out what msrosywoo_ is doing for the brown smoke out! It’s fantastic!
Click Here to follow msrosywoo_ on Instagram

First, I think this little lady proves that any look, or rather EVERY look, needs a winged liner emphasis. Especially here, the eyeliner is just pulling everything together and it’s luxurious! The eyes are elongated and the lashes are complimented perfectly with her lined perfection. What I’m really drawn to is the little pop of iridescence happening on the lid. While the brown tones keep this shade neutral and perfect for fall, this little embellishment adds some creativity to the look that keeps it extraordinary.

The pop of shimmer reminded me a lot of this favorite product of mine by MAKE UP FOR EVER. If you haven’t tried their Diamond Powders jump on that! It will be a great selection for holiday pops of color as well, since the product comes in a variety of shades.

Have a great week beauties!


September 24, 2014
Greetings from rainy Seattle, beauty dolls! It is officially Fall here in the Pacific Northwest, and with the change in seasons we begin our 10 months of rainy weather. Nothing is worse for makeup play than rainy weather! So in honor of the hunt for simple makeup looks that hold up in wet climates but don’t sacrifice the creativity to do so, the shout out for today goes to an artist who clearly reps the wonders that pops of color can do!

The deep berries have been all over social media lately as the new color for winter months. And I am not opposed! But the look from jackssanchez_ below is doing this shade a favor!
Click Here to follow jackssanchez_ on Instagram

First off, the lashes in this look are EVERYTHING. House of Lashes is a bit on the pricey side when it comes to falsies, but they are worth every single penny! These lashes in “Starlet” are becoming my new favorites (though “Noir Fairy” still is hard to top!) and what I love about them are the density. If you haven’t tried House of Lashes yet, think Red Cherry #62 stacked with #82, but better! And if you have tried House of Lashes, these have the feel of “Noir Fairy” but with a touch of “Pixie Luxe” as well.

And where to begin with that pop of yellow in the inner corner. As if I need another reason to pick up Sugarpill’s loose eyeshadow in “Goldilux”, which is already part of the Beauty Wishes section of my blog. There is so much you can do with this pigment! Pops in the inner corners of eyes, pops in the center of lips, and who knows the magic that can happen if you pair this with creams?! Since I’m a lover of brights during all seasons, “Goldilux” may be the sunshine I will be needing during these wintery months!

Also pictured is Dose of Colors and their matte gloss line, shown here in “Berry Me”. Right now, I’ve been using Too Faced’s Melted line for my fall lip color, but I am wondering if these liquid to matte babies prevent bleeding. If so, count me in because this look is doing everything for that lip! Have any of you tried these matte glosses?

Happy Hump Day lovers, and go follow this lovely! I have a feeling she’s got so much in store for all of us this season!


September 19, 2014
TGIF conceited sweets! Looking very forward to the weekend and some much needed makeup play time. I have a couple shades from Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss lipstick line that I have been meaning to review. If you have not picked up a lippie from her yet, please do so. They are amazing and really 24 hour wear!

A shade that has recently come into my life from this line is “Coven” and the blue-based lilac hue is TO DIE for. This has me searching for other MUAs who are loving the shade right now too, and that’s just how I found valemadreee and her vamp perfection.
Click Here to follow valemadreee on Instagram

What I am loving about this look is the reverse attention to the smoke out. While keeping the lid pretty neutral, this talented artist brings all the drama to the lower lash line and it is fantastic. There is added beauty volume without overshadowing the pigment on the pout that is just like my new lilac shade. The highlight that is being used on the bridge of the nose is also flawless, and the dewy aspect of it really adds to the pastel look of the lips. I have not really focused on highlighting the nose yet without a nose contour, but this look makes me want to try it!

And of course, we always have to give extra props for a gorgeously full brow. This one has been filled in just slightly and I like that. The whole look is strangely neutral while still maintaining something of the traditional smokey eye.

Have a good weekend beauty bloggers! And stay tuned for some reviews coming this weekend. I hear a Vice 3 palette might have shown up in my mailbox today!


September 15, 2014

Hola beauty dolls! Mondays can be a drag, so I thought it would be a perfect time for some long overdue inspiration. Lately, I’ve been having a grand ol’ time with my Anastasia of Beverly Hills Dip Brow product, so I went on a search for a brow look that is to DIE for. While I’m sure we all have our brow envy for someone, this little lady made my jaw drop!

Click Here to follow brittanybearmakeup on Instagram

Where to even begin with this sultry look?! First, let’s start with the brows. Major thumbs up for the gradient effect that was captured here using Dip Brow. What I personally love about this product is that it really doesn’t take much to achieve a full brow look. I typically only need to dip my brush in the product ONCE for each brow! The remains at the end of your brow design are really good for just enhancing the beginning of the brow so that you get a more natural look. I’ve also used Brow Wiz to do this, but my brows have yet to achieve the perfection that brittanybearmakeup has here.

Other things I am LOVING about this look: that nude lip combo! What IS that even?!??!? According to her photo, the look was achieved with Gerard Cosmetics products. Have any of you tried these? I still have my reservations, though I don’t know why because I’m finding that these independent companies are coming up with my FAVORITE products lately!

Until then, have a great week kittens!


September 9, 2014
Good evening beauty dolls! What a busy day it has been! But what better way to wind down that browsing through makeup looks (let’s be real, we all fall asleep thinking about inspiring makeup we have seen!) Just now I came across a look on Twitter that I had to share with all of you. If only I could wear this lip sensation every single solitary day!

What look could possibly be that amazing you ask? Well check out the Instagram account for __femmefatal__ and you will quickly understand what I am talking about.
Click Here to follow __femmefatal__ on Instagram

Where to even BEGIN with why I am LIVING for this look?! First, the pastel/neon/matte/GORGEOUS shade of those teal lips is just amazing. It’s no wonder that this shade appears to be a combo from a Coastal Scents palette. Second, the Liquid Gold by Makeup Geek is a gem I MUST own. Love to see also that the Jumbo Pencil in Milk by NYX Cosmetics is being put to use in yet another place on the face.

Creativity overload. I am IN LOVE. Go follow this lady immediately. I know I did…


September 8, 2014
Happy Monday everyone! Hope the weekend was filled with glossy kisses and cut contours for all of you!

In honor of a fantastic win over the Dallas Cowboys yesterday (sorry Cowboy fans. No disrespect at all.) I thought it would be nice for The Daily Peep to feature a girl of my own heart – so let’s peep a cute 49ers chick who has rocked it on a red and gold eye look!

When it comes to incorporating makeup and sports support, there are few girls who do it quite like Niner girls. Social media backs this up. It’s not just my bias (I swear!) For this week’s feature, I found the look by stefalaniz to be Golden State of Mind perfection! The cat-eye is on point, brows are made a focal point because of the great highlight underneath, and the subtle red and gold blended together works great with a nice shade of red on the pout. One of the things I always admire as well is when a face is beat with some inner waterline liner. Peep that in this look and “slap hands” (as the 49ers in the locker room say after a win):
Click Here to follow stefalaniz on Instagram

Looking for some red and gold products that will make you stand out on game day? Here are a couple of my go-tos that I never leave home on football Sunday without.

Kat Von D’s Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick in “Outlaw”


Sugarpill’s Loose Pigment in “Goldilux”


Makeup Geek’s Eyeshadow in “Burlesque”


Have a great week, Lovelies!


September 6, 2014
Good morning beauties! After a day of much needed rest (starting the NFL season on a Thursday is DEFINITELY a bad idea!) I’m back with another shout out. Today, I woke up looking for some traditional smokey eyes. A night out with the girls is scheduled and when it comes to nights out on the town, a girl cannot forget her smoked-out lids at home!

When it comes to smokey eyes, a lot of us forget that brown is just as important to the look as matte blacks and a pearly white. And the deep chocolate pigment is just what sold me on this look by deadbeauty_mua. Not only are her brows impeccable, but her subtle smokey eye is a romantic spin on the go-to dark look.
Click Here to follow deadbeauty_mua on Instagram

What I love about this look is that it’s a bit of a neutral eye mixed with some sultry sass all in one. The blending is an art to be admired as well in this photo. I think having an outer and inner V is a great touch, and one I often forget to work with. The transitional brown at the top of the crease is a perfect compliment to the real star here, the shimmery neutral brown tone. For girls that are trying a smokey look for the first time, this one is a great idea, showing that you can have all the drama but still look effortlessly natural.

Side note as well. Double shout out to this lady and Moreno Valley, CA! Gotta rep an artist holdin’ it down from my near my hometown of Riverside!

Until next time, Conceited Crew, have a beautiful weekend!

September 4, 2014
It’s that time of year again, at least in Seattle. That time of year when you know you have only one weekend left until summer is over. Until the rain boots come back out and the coats cover up cute outfits. So today I found myself drawn to all the summer makeup looks on social media.

Don’t get me wrong, I am STOKED for the fall shades. I love a good plum hue and emerald beam like the next artist. But I will miss some flirty colors we saw come out of this summer’s makeup archives. And we all know that the one color we will miss the most (and secretly might keep incorporating into our Fall faces) is PEACH!

To honor our obsession with peach this summer, I came across a juicy delight from depechegurl on Instagram. What I love about this look is that there is no secret in the shade here – Peach is LIVING on this lady’s face! Using LimeCrime and Inglot products, depechegurl proves that you don’t have to be bold to wear this shade. In fact, the neutral eye here pairs perfectly with this soft peach touch. Shy and sexy are perfectly blending together! One thing is for sure. Before summer is over, I need to get my hands on some of that Cosmopop and test out a peachy gel liner!

Click Here to follow depechegurl on Instagram

So if summer ending has got you down, head on over to check out this cheery little number. And honestly, let’s all still get our Peach on during the season changes…

Kisses, cdubdoll

September 3, 2014

Most mornings, I wake up early. TOO early. And it’s during these morning hours where I have a moment to open Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and what have you and peep out some great makeup looks. Often it’s how I get my FOTD inspiration!

This morning was no different. I’m finding that the Explore section on Instagram is my new best friend. If you haven’t checked this out yet, and really gotten deep into the section, it’s a must. I’ve really discovered some excellent beauty artists out there that I normally wouldn’t have!

Today I was instantly mesmerized by makeupstraightup and her hyper-color eyes. The pigmented shadows were definitely the focus of this post from ten weeks ago. A lot of pictures now have a prominent cat-eye. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a cat-eye! But it was nice to see an MUA switch it up and focus on the shadow look instead. I’ve been looking for some inspiration when it comes to colors like she used, specifically for my Electric Palette by Urban Decay Cosmetics and makeupstraightup has given me just the pointers I need with this photo. And a brow of dark perfection totally adds to this look. Gotta support my dark brow sisters!

Click Here to follow makeupstraightup on Instagram

Head on over to Instagram and check her out! I know I’m for sure gonna try out a look like this soon!


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